Thursday, April 29, 2010

yesterday-- falafel for lunch.  4 big ones, a big pita, salad... very full and bloated afterwards.  Should know not to eat that.  Have been doing a great job keeping away from the chocolate for sale right next to my desk.  I guess if money is involved I won't be tempted.
Need to continue my water intake.  Instead I have been downing colas... diet but still.  I will make myself a rule-- no soda until I have at least a full liter of water.  And then only one.  And after that one, must have the 2nd liter before I have any more.
Last night I didnt exercise either because we had a girls night-- watched forgetting sarah marshall (so funny) and ate pizza and tortilla chips and dip.  I had almost 3 glasses of wine.. booo.  I purged some of the pizza when I got home.. maybe a slice.  I still feel fat this morning 144.2.... yesterday morning I was 142.8.
Today I am supposed to go to a mexican restaurant for dinner.  I have an Ednos friend at work though who is probably going, so she can keep my hands out of the chip bowl.. or maybe I should just say I need to pack... which I do

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  1. Public service anouncement: soda is so bad for you. Terrible. Kills you slowly. Try reading stuff on what the chemicals in soda does to u long term to help kick the habit. Its so bad.

    My goals this weekend are to redo my blog and update the software on my phone. I'll add figure out google friend connect to the list! Everytime I visit ur blog it says I'm not following u (same with jess's blog) I click to follow you... Yet I don't follow u. Hopefully friend connect will fix things. That is scary the thought of yoir posts going to real life friends. Don't know how it works but hopefully it doesn't happen. If it hasn't yet then ur probably golden.