Thursday, August 30, 2012

Have a good day!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I just read in Women's Health about a study showing for each hour of television watched after age 25, your life expectancy goes down by 22 minutes!!! How do they figure this stuff out. At least I read it while I was on the elliptical! It was talking about sitting disease... Sitting all day is part of the American way... I'm sitting while I type this, I sit all day at work, when I eat, make phone calls, drive, everything! One thing the article also said is that sitting on fat cells can cause them to multiply! Gahhhh! Obviously now I am standing! I weighed in Monday morning and it wasn't pretty, so I buckled down and had a misto and a zone bar for breakfast an lunch. Went to happy hour with friends and had chips an guac... Not good, but still under budget calorie wise. I'm headed to work soon, and I plan on having a slim fast and a zone bar today. Gotta keep this up!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I cannot even begin to explain to you what kind of crap I ate this weekend while BF was visiting with my family.  Its like I reverted to being a kid again and stuffed my face with food as if I would never see it again.  It was truely disgusting.  I wanted to show BF all the great things about the city I grew up in.  Namely.. the food.  I did work out every day... but the damage is definitely done.  Im going to wear jeans on the plane tomorrow that are a little too small as punishment to myself.  I also saw a blog posting of a huge pile of fruit.  It was so much and looked so good that I think i could have that for lunch every day for the rest of the week if I put my mind to making it.  I need to fast... I need to take adderall every day like my doctor tells me, and use it for the good of my growing thighs.Today I feel like my legs are the size of a fat persons legs... how depressing.  Anyway.  I'll be good this week. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Measurements from a few weeks ago

Hips: 41
Waist: 28.75
Calf: 15.5
Chest: 33.5
Thigh (above knee): 17.75
Upper Arm: 11.75

Measurements today

Hips: 39.5
Waist: 27.5
Calf: 15.5
Chest: I didn't measure
Thigh (above knee): 17.5
Upper Arm: 11.75 

Wow.  Real Improvement.  I need to keep this up!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm seriously stressed about how much weight I have gained since I've been in Phoenix.  I leave tomorrow morning and I just can't deal with the thought I might have put on 5 lbs.  I did the math... 12 days putting on 5 lbs means I would have had to eat an extra 1400 calories every day, on top of what I burned during insanity.  I could see if it was an extra 500 each day.... thats about 2 lbs.  OMG yuck.  Is my stomach protruding a little bit more than when I came?  Or is it just me being critical.  I feel like my wrists might be smaller.  Is that possible?  Not that I've ever noticed my wrists before.  This is becoming dangerous.  I need to stop obsessing.  NOW.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nothing to report.  I've been doing insanity or cardio at the gym every day, but I've been eating a ton of junk.  I hate that when it's sitting around, I put it into my mouth.  I know I'm not hungry, but I just cant stop.  At least today when dinner got brought in, I put some on my plate, I ate a bite of each thing, and then threw away the rest.  It wasn't that good, and it wasn't worth the calories.  Instead I had a banana and an avocado.  Way better than mac and cheese and pulled pork, right??

They are bringing in Baja Fresh tomorrow, and I looked on the menu to order the healthiest thing they had (chicken salad).  On Thursday they are bringing in chinese.  I opted not to order.  I will eat my zone bar.  Not worth it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Not a lot going on with me.  I'm still in Phoenix for work.  Kind of weird being away from home over the weekend for work, but I survived.  I worked a little bit yesterday, and then just lounged/read/watched the OC today.  I've never seen the OC.  Not sure why I wasn't into it in college... but I figured I'd be a little bored here and so I've been watching it on and off.  Shark Week starts today though, so I may hold off on OC so I can watch in horror all the scary shark shows.

I've been doing Insanity almost every day.  It is so freaking hard.  Like, dripping in sweat during the warm up, and having to stop before every exercise is over.  I wish that my body would show some progress given I've been working out so hard, but it's really difficult to eat healthy while traveling.  Usually I order a salad when we go out to lunch or dinner, but last week, we had lunch catered every day, so I had to take what I could get.  This coming week, we're having lunch and dinner catered so we can work longer hours.  YUCK.  I have plenty of zone bars..... but not plenty of self control.  It's too easy to grab a handful of M&Ms when everyone else is doing it.  I need to remember that in order to get what I want, I have to work for it.  Yes my butt is sore from 1,000 squats, and yes I've been sleeping well after my intense workouts, but if I ruin it with chips or candy, what's the point, right?

The new job is going great.  It's really hard to think outside the box.  I'm so used to doing tax returns, knowing that there is 1 right answer I have to get to.  Consulting means there are so many right answers, I just have to figure out what the right answer is for a specific situation.  It's totally out of my comfort zone.  Anyway.. I'm sure no one wants to hear about that.  I'm glad that Reese and Harlow are back... I missed them both!

Monday, August 6, 2012

To note for next time: when parking at the office and taking the train to the airport, remember not to wear heels, or do your hair, or wear makeup. It may only be 2 blocks and it may still be dark outside, but you shouldn't underestimate the affect nerves can have on sweat glands. I feel bad for the person next to me on the airplane.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

When food is put in front of me... I eat it. How do you all handle that situation? Lunch gets brought in... What do you do?