Friday, February 8, 2013

Goal 1 has been accomplished.

I am CPR certified.  There is nothing holding me back from becoming a personal trainer.... except for myself.

So what's my problem.  Excuses.  I make excuses for myself.  It can be something like

"My, its been a good few days so far...the office is providing lunch from Baja Fresh.  I'll eat the salad, and just half a wrap.  I'll save my healthy lunch for dinner.  Oh, they have tortilla chips.  Okay well then just a few."  3 hours later, healthy dinner has been eaten, as well as a 250 calorie whole wheat bagel ("well, thats healthy... it's high in calories and full of carbs.. but its better than candy") but then I see some candy that my roommate left lying around, and its all out the window.  Before I know it, I'm 600 calories over my goal and I'm depressed about myself so I keep eating the candy.

So I think what I need to do is list out my excuses. And then decide on a reason these excuses  wont work (that may be another post).

So.  My Excuses.  Please list yours as well below in the comments.. I'm sure if you have some different excuses, I probably just missed it)

1. "It's free.  How could you pass up free food"
2. "The weekend is the time I should be allowed to cheat"
3. "My boyfriend can eat it and says thin, I want to keep up"
4. "I've been good the last few [Days/Meals/Hours], I deserve a treat"
5. "Something great happened, a cookie or cake would be a great way to celebrate"
6. "I don't have TIME to cook a healthy dinner.  I'm just going to stop by Moe's... thats healthier than fast food"
7. "I don't have TIME to cook a healthy dinner... I'm just not going to eat."
8. "Starving is easier... and I'll get results.  I should just starve"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

So, 2 weeks straight where I haven't lost weight.  Because I'm trying to lose the "last 10 lbs" and they are really vanity pounds, not health pounds, I really struggle with how many calories I should eat.  My BMR is slightly under 1500 calories.  I *know* I shouldn't go under this amount, but instead be working out and eating clean foods to jumpstart my weight loss again.... but it's just so tempting to say "eat as little as possible and lose now!!"  Obviously that's not working for me, right?

I need a new plan

Gahh.. how can I find a middle ground?