Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Net carb thought...

Net carb thought... Could you get something really carby...like ice cream, and then put a lot of fiber powder in it to lower the "net carbs"?

Monday, May 28, 2012

HIIT and memorial day weekend

At the pool right now, enjoying my Monday off! I just completed my 3rd HIIT run (2 per week) of 60 seconds running at 9mph 9 times. I definitely thought I would throw up about half way through. My legs are burning right now, but I guess that's the point of high intensity exercises! I really want to go to my favorite spin class tonight, but I may be too tired.
I've gained back about a half a pound this weekend not eating low carb, but that's not a big deal, and I'm back on the bandwagon this week. Obviously it's not as effective for any diet to break on the weekend, but will it be a big deal for low carb since ketone levels will change? Maybe I need to do some research instead of just asking questions.
I am up for a new job at work and just had one of my bosses tell me it would be a huge career mistake to take it. I've heard her give this speech to other ppl she doesn't want to lose. She made some good points, and while she was talking I agreed with her, but actually thinking about it, I would love this job, and be good at it, and I'm young enough to try something new. I'm definitely taking the job if I get it.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

HIIT and low carb day 4

My 2nd HIIT session today. I was so close to not doing it because I pulled a muscle in my groin during spin class yesterday... Not sure how that's possible. Today was 90 seconds of sprinting at 70%. I'm kind of taking the approach that 20% would be walking slowly at 2mph, 50% would be jogging at 5mph, etc, so I ran at 7... Which is not exactly a sprint. In fact, it's really not that fast at all. But hey, I sweat and I was tired, so it works for me.
I've been sticking with the diet... But can someone explain to me net carbs? I did some research and I understand how they are calculated, but when you count carbs, which number do you use? Ive been counting regular, and today I had stirfry for lunch, which pushed me up to 90gr. I didn't have rice or noodles, and I can't imagine veggies would increase your blood sugar significantly but I'm just not educated on the subject. Down to 146.7 this morning. Looking forward to being in the 130s soon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Low Carb day 2 and a rant

I ate pretty much the same thing today as yesterday. Chicken Salad, almonds, chicken parm and spaghetti squash. I also had sausage for breakfast... Yum I really wanted some cookies, but hopefully the sweets cravings will go away soon.
Now to the rant. My boyfriend is being an ass. We have a wedding for a good friend of his next weekend. He was iffy about whether I should come because I won't know anyone... Or maybe because he wants to spend time with friends. Either way, he finally decided he would like me to come, but said he was thinking about hanging out with his buddies after the reception. So, I made plans to see a girlfriend afterwards, and now he's so mad because.... I don't know why... Because he doesn't have concrete plans and if it falls through I'll be having fun and he will be alone?? So I said fine, I'll cancel, but then I expect that you won't have plans afterwards. Haha he couldn't agree to that. What is wrong with people!!! Selfish. Surely it was just a bad day. I will talk to him tomorrow and I hope he will apologize.

Monday, May 21, 2012

HIIT and low carb day 1

Ouch. I ran 60 seconds at 8mph 8 times with a 60 second break in between. Halfway through I has to take a 3 minute break. The remaining 4 rubs had me feeling like i would vomit each time i finished. I had planned to go to a weight class tmw morning but I can tell I'm going to be feeling it, as my hips are already so sore.

Food- breakfast had an Atkins shake, and almonds. Lunch was handmade chicken salad. I couldnt figure out te exact carbs br I can't imagine it's much. More almonds, and then chicken Parm with spaghetti squash for dinner. The chicken wasn't breaded, so the carbiest thing was the tomato sauce. Still not bad. Definitely ended the day under 75, but possibly under 50. Weight was 151.2, which is terribly depressing, but that's why I'm doing this.

Tmw have plans to go on a walk after work. Have chicken salad and leftover dinner for meals.

Edit: Miranda- high intensity interval training. You can do it on any machine... But the goal is to go 100% followed by a recovery. Studies show that 8 minutes of high intensity cardio is more effective than an hour of moderate intensity because your heart rate stays up, and you breathe a lot more air for the next 24 hours

5 week HIIT

I'll be doing HIIT for the next 5 weeks and also sticking to. Low carb diet Monday breakfast through Friday lunch.
Here are my measurements:
... Actually I will not be posting my measurements because it looks like I have misplaced my tape measure. It's usually with my bathing suits. Logical... I know. I will post a picture taken yesterday, I'll let you all know how my first session goes tomorrow night!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

i am drunk so no one should listen to me....
firstly... when someone comes over to visit your cat when you're out of town and uses your computer and doesn't log off... are you entitled to go through their e-mail?  i feel like you are.  not that there was anything bad.. just that i feel like they are giving you permission.  i have my computer unlocked, but you can't log in as me without entering a master password that is different than all my other passwords... thats why i have no problem with anyone using my computer while I'm not around.

secondly... i haven't blogged in forever because I have been in Australia on vacation!  during which time, i gained back all the weight I lost during my 2 weeks of low carb.  I flew back today, and was planning to fast the entire day, but it didnt happen, and my boyfriend left me a bottle of wine in my fridge, and I guess because of the time change a glass didnt put me to sleep, and before i knew it i had almost finished it all!!

but.. I have had fun on vacation eating chips and candy and lots of alcohol, and now the dedication to my  body begins.  Has anyone done HIIT?  That is what I think I'm going to focus on, unless anyone has better suggestions.