Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i cannot believe i am obsessing over this.  how ridiculous.  just a stupid boy-- why do i care?  i guess because i put myself out there like.. totally.
i took advice and didn't message him after he said he would be busy Monday and Tuesday... Tuesday morning I got a FB message from the night before saying "And you were a good lay also... haha"
Sort of an afterthought?  A good one I think though.  At least I was on his mind.
So now it is Wednesday morning... and I am obsessing over this.  Will he call me tonight, will he not?  Of course I had two guys ask me to dinner this week... and had to turn both of them down **IN CASE** my stupid booty call actually calls.  WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF.
Showing Pictures:
His nice muscles....  if only the face was as good

and me: (right, obviously)


  1. No! Never leave yourself open for the "in case" he calls. Never wait by the phone for him to call. Be busy. It makes you look that much more desirable.

  2. I agree with Seeking. Go ahead and take those dinner dates then if he does call say something like "Oh! I wish you would have called sooner, I did have the night free but someone called the other day and we made plans."

    If he really wants it, he will work for it or wait for it.

    If he doesn't want to work or wait, that reflects poorly on him (NOT YOU!) and it's good you found out right away and can move on with grace.

    You look great and your simle is adorable in your pic, btw.

  3. Be busy, it will make him want you. And remember not to obsess over him, if you do youll get stuck on him, and seriously, your better. Put yourself out there for other men, and you will find someone worth you:)

  4. I agree with the other girls-- if you want to go with the other guys, well, booty call should just have to wait for you :)

    Your pic is really cute!


    and your so cute!
    i feel so young (in a bad way)...

    am good job on not calling him!
    personally, playing the right amount of hard to get is always the best way to go!
    hope it works out.
    hes really hot.

  6. Oooooo hes a cutie - but! im agreeing with everyone else, dont wait around for him, make yourself unavailable to him, that'll only make him want you more.