Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last night--- did not go as planned.  HA.
I am throwing away the chips.
If I want the damn dip I am going to eat it with vegetables!
At least I ate some asparagus.  On the way home, I tried to talk myself out of the chips swimming in my head.  I told myself, okay, chips are fine, as long as you have your asparagus first.  So I did... then I ate chips!  Then I ate a fudge bar!  UGH.  I was too lazy to stick my hand deep into the spinach dip jar so I got out the guacamole flavored dip.  It is NOT very good.  More just like sour cream.  Should I throw it away or save it for a social gathering where I can pawn it off on my friends as a "contribution"?
Calories yesterday--- Breakfast and Lunch 760, dinner- asparagus (100? with oil), chips and dip 400? fudge bar 90
total: 1350  (can I do math? not quite sure).

Okay... I guess that isn't TERRIBLE.  It sure feels terrible
NEW PLAN--- NO CHIPS IN THE HOUSE!  I was also thinking that maybe the new plan should be no dinners.  However my friends already give me a hard time about my eating habits (the fact that i cannot cook to save my life and live off of chips all week), maybe I should go with a frozen lean cuisine or frozen bagged meal ( i could eat that for 2 meals).  The calories there are controlled.. which would be helpful.

Ughh just weighed in at 147.  Granted-- still have my period (I think yesterday I weighed in at 149, crazy what it can do to you!).
Breakfast today?  Hmmm 1 banana, 1 cup chocolate milk, blended with ice (300)
Lunch-- One large skinny latte, granola bar (250)
Dinner-- 20 almonds, 20 grapes, 1/2 cup edamame, carrots (350)

Hopefully I wont have to be at work so late and can get to the gym!


  1. I have so many foods I can't have around, and chips are way up there on the list. I have heard of people making zucchini chips (baking zucchini rounds in the oven) and eating dip with those. If I ever try it I will let you know. :)

    Now that I am married, each time I shop I have to try to find goodies for my husband that I am not tempted to eat. (I tried just not buying goodies but that led to some marital strife.) So I have to pick out cookies, pizza, ice cream and other stuff in flavors I don't like. Food was certianly simpler when I lived alone.

  2. If you are gonna binge, binge on low calorie foods. You won't feel bad because it is low in calories!