Monday, April 26, 2010

How many people here read their blog subscriptions in google reader?  I do... and have you ever noticed that some people's blogs only show the first little section, instead of the whole thing?  It is quite annoying, because you have to click on it to see the entire blog, when really i like to have everything all in one space.  The only thing I can think is that it has to do with that "content warning" some people put up.  Honestly I don't know how important the content warning really is... unless you are writing hardcore entries like Ana, who doesn't even write anymore. Sooo... i would appreciate it if the content warning came off.. but thats just me :)

Saturday I did end up going to the gym for a while 1 hr of cardio, and then chest/arm/back exercises.  I enjoyed myself... but then I came home and laid in bed and watched tv the rest of the day.  My legs hurt, everything hurt!  I went out with friends that night and had a good deal of wine, and unfortunately when I came home I thought it would be acceptable to make myself a quesadilla.  Ugh.
Sunday I also exercised-- 1 hr of cardio and abs, and a few leg lifts while I watched desperate housewives.  I also lugged some boxes into my new apartment.. which is up a lot of stairs!  I went to taco mac for lunch... so much for not eating out for a month.  Queso... such a bad idea.  After my workout I had a healthy smoothie, and for dinner I had shrimp and pasta... a little too rich for me but oh well.

Today-- I plan on having an english muffin with ricotta cheese, a granola bar, a can of progresso soup, and for dinner the left over shrimp/pasta madness.  I also plan on exercising when I come home from work... I have been doing level 8 intervals on the elliptical... when I was in highschool a trainer told me that the only way you see results is if you are doing level 10... but I am working my way up!

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