Monday, April 12, 2010

long post-- need advice

My weekend in a nutshell:

Friday I planned to only stay at the office a few hours... I had already done 40 hrs for the week, and I really didn't want to be there.  Then I found out that since I am not "busy", I would need to help those people who are doing individual returns (oh yes, because they helped me at the last deadline- HA)... so I ended up staying until 6, and then went home and did 40 minutes of cardio, then picked up some champagne and went to the divorce party.
Sprite was there--- I really don't like him.  The cling factor is immense... and he doesnt get it when I say something like "i need space", or "i just got out of a relationship".  Those are nice ways to say "I'm not interested"... but NOPE.  I tried to ignore him the best I could and hung out with the girls..  I downed a LOT of champagne, and sometime in the evening I am standing by the door, and a guy comes up to me and says..
"have a good night I am leaving"
I met him that night... knew his name and where he went to college, but thats it.
me: "why are you leaving?"
him: "I have to go to another party"
me: "oh, hold on... let me grab my bag, I am coming with you"

Just like that.. I ran off with some stranger.  God only knows why I thought that was a good idea.  The party was lame... he took me back to my house... and we had a LOT of fun.  It was only a tiny bit awkward to wake him up at 7:30 and say "can you take me back to my car now? I have to go to work"
He took me to my car and as I am about to get out he says "I don't have your number"
me: "No, you don't, but if you don't want it thats fine with me"
him:  "No, I'll take it."
me: "okay, have a good day"

So then I worked until 2:30... so hung over, and thinking about what had just happened.  I find out that morning that one of the girls is SO mad at me for leaving.  I don't exactly understand why... I guess because Sprite was at the party and I just left with another guy?  But she knows how I feel about Sprite... She knows I am not interested... so should I just make sure never to talk to any other guy when he is around just to save his feelings?!  That is something I refuse to do.  However.. I probably should not be pulling guys from the same pool over and over.  All these boys are people she went to highschool with.  Not necessarily all friends in highschool, but all friends/acquaintances now.
I smoothed things over with her, at least tried to... and went to the mall to shop for Vegas clothes.  Got some cute stuff... but nothing even remotely Vegasy lol.
I didn't eat until 7, when I finally got some mexican with a girlfriend.  We both complained heavily about having to go to a birthday party for a girl we don't like... and I was so exhausted I considered not doing anything, and just going to bed.  But... I promised... and I hate being one of those people.
It was alright... I drank a little bit, and went home at midnight, determined to sleep off hangovers.

Unfortunately it didn't work.. I was so tired, but woke up at 8 anyway.
I laid at the pool and read a book, then got dressed and went to the park with some friends to play on our kickball league.  The sun was intense, and I am bright pink today.  On my way, I got a text saying
"this is nathan, i dont know about you but I slept until noon today"....
The kid I just had sex with! YAY!! I didn't really understand this... I said
"i hate you" and "i slept until 8, it was awesome"
he says: "wow, sleeping in i see".
I guess this has to do with the fact that I had to wake up so early on saturday?
Kickball was fun! I got a run and an RBI.  We went to a bar afterwards with other kickballers and we played flipcup (I know... non USAers/those who didn't go to big party schools, don't know what this is... but look it up, it is SO FUN)...
When I got home Nathan had added me as a friend on FB.  I didn't know what to do... but I want to sleep with him again.. so I sent him a FB message that says

"Nathan.... you are a good lay.... let me know if you want to do that again haha"
And now it is the morning, and he hasn't responded to that... and I don't know what to think.  I don't know if he is not that type of guy... but I mean obviously he is if he just slept with me and knows nothing about me... or what if he is a relationship type of person like Sprite.  I considered that maybe he feels guilty for sleeping with me if he knew that Sprite liked me... but if he did then why would he text me?!  AND he and Steve became FB friends the same time he and I did... so he must not be close with him if they are only now just friends.
I am obviously reading way too into this.  I don't even know him... I don't even like him... but I REALLY could use good sex... and so do you think that I should send him a text today that says something along the lines of
"want to come over some time this week?"  or does that just make me sound like a whore?

who am I kidding... I am a whore.


  1. on the topic of sprite: who cares?
    if he can't take a hint its not your problem
    and especially if you've explained yourself/ justified how and why you feel this way to your friend... it doesnt really matter.
    nathan sounds cute/ awesome, yet, because you dont know him, he is a big IF
    just wait for nathan to reply to you.

    and your weekend sounds awesome.

  2. there is nothing wrong with a sexually confident woman, and it doesn't make you a 'whore'.

    nathan is lucky that you want to fuck him again. :)

    (there is nothing wrong with being a whore anyway, i work with plenty of them and they are smart, beautiful, assured, independent, high-income earning women)