Thursday, April 22, 2010

i have been in vegas-- a little trip to celebrate the end of tax season with my girfriends.  SO fun.  We drank... A LOT.  and I met a boy at a club and fell in love.  His name is Byron and he lives in Denver... so we will obviously be seeing a lot of each other (ha).  I do think he is just wonderful... and I like him a lot because he is so far away!  I have decided I am great at committing when I don't have to actually commit.
We took zantrax to stay awake and walked A LOT... so luckily my heavy drinking was negated and I came back no heavier than when I left... I was a little worried about that but it ended up being no big deal.
Vegas is.. crazy.  Expensive... intoxicating.  I want to go back... and not go back ever again.
I am sleeping with the guy in the previous post still.  After my whining... I just called him and he took me to dinner and we had wonderful sex.  And we talked about how we don't want a relationship at all... he seemed worried that I would change my mind.... NOT for him!  I texted him on the planeride back and he came over last night too... He couldn't perform.  It was embarrassing because we haven't been "together" that long.  Oh well... I had him service me, and then asked him to leave so I could get some sleep.  He mumbled something about being really busy for the next week or two... whatever.
I called Byron after he left and talked to him for 2 hours.  I am exhausted today!
Yesterday I ate oatmeal, a small smoothie from Smoothie King, two mini pb eggs, coffee, and 2 beers.  I didn't have time to work out because my bootycall was coming over, but I didn't eat hardly anything so I figured no big deal.  I could have gone to bed without any more food but after being on the phone with Byron I got hungry and ate a bowl of chips.  Booo.
Today I will not exercise either.  I am going to my old college to a reception for a retiring professor.


  1. yay vegus. its such a releif to get home from vacation and not have gained. i def want to goto vegas sometime in my life... like over the next year! lol. my bf is going there for a bachelor party this fall... uh oh!!! lol

    hows p90x goiung for u? ive been really good with working out... but slacking on the p90x front. legs and back dvd tonight.

  2. I admire your ability to have sex like a man (as Carrie Bradshawstated it in the first episode of Sex and the City). I think it's about time that woman can have sexual relationships and not be considered whores or easy. That shit really pisses me off.

    So, work it girl! Use that boy.

  3. Glad you're just using that boy for a bit of fun ;)
    ahh Vegas, im so so jealous! Sounds like you had a great time

  4. "Service me and go. I've got phone calls to make." L-O-V-E it!!