Friday, April 9, 2010

Am I the only blogger in Atlanta?!
I was thinking about how Sarah and Rhianna met up one night.... and I wanted to talk about a well known restaurant here that I went to last night... but no one would know!  How do you search for other bloggers?  They don't make it very easy huh?
Or maybe I am just computerly challenged--- also very true.

Yesterday for breakfast I had yogurt and grapes
For lunch I had a southwester chicken salad... with blue cheese dressing :( But not too much.  The salad was good.  I made sure to eat all the beans and veggies before the chicken.  It was a lunch to discuss my progress at work.  My "coach" basically told me that I am not working enough hours and when he compares me to my peer group I don't stand out.  SERIOUSLY!?  First of all.. I work my butt off.  It is Friday morning, and I have already worked 40 hours this week.  So by the time I go home today, I will have worked at least 48.... How is that NOT ENOUGH!?!?!  I also have a peer group of 5 people.  Two of them are socially retarded.... I get brought out to clients to do work because I am social and can carry on conversations and... whatever.  They don't get brought out to clients because they are so weird.   One girl is NOT weird, but she got pigeonholed into one area when she started work, and that is all she can do... she has never touched what I have done, and the probability is that she never will.  And she doesn't get her hours in because the work she is pigeonholed to do is not keeping her busy enough.  Then one guy.. yes... I would consider his work high quality, his personality high quality, and his well roundedness high quality.  So there... out of the 5 people in my peer group... I feel like I am stronger than 4...
WHATEVER.  Thanks for lunch asshole... he is supposed to be my coach... he is supposed to stand up for me.
I ate more grapes, and matzo soup without the matzo.... and then I had 2 55calorie beers before dinner.
Dinner was at a place that is supposed to be amazing, and is extremely overpriced.  I didn't want anything on the menu.  I had a glass of wine and a calamari appetizer. I didn't like it.... I didn't finish it.

I won't be going back.  Needless to say I didn't get any exercise in last night.  Tonight my friends and I were supposed to go the lake but it fell through so we are having a "divorce" party for me. (I filed the paperwork this week :)
Still 145


  1. Dirrty south girl! I live in Alabama, but we get over to Atlanta every now and again.

  2. I would love to come visit some day. I live in the Midwest, but LOVE the south. If my family wasn't all in Kansas I would move down south in a heartbeat. And then I would drink myself into diabetes from the sweet tea...

    Have a rockin' good time at the D-party and drink one for me. You are a great person, beautiful inside and out, and deserve only the best!

  3. Haha, i live a few minutes away from Chattanooga... Not too far!

  4. Your coach sounds like a right ****!!

    It's so discouraging getting bad feedback at work. Tut hope it gets better soon

  5. I wondered why you weren't showing up on my blog roll anymore! You changed your blog url. I am following you again now though!