Saturday, May 1, 2010

i am sabotaging myself.  why would i do that?
this hot hot hot boy... he is coming to visit me.  it has been the best motivation i have ever had for exercising, eating healthily, not binging.  BUT... last night, I had no plans, and really I just needed to stay home and get my packing done.  I thought... oh well I'll go to Target and return my broken sunglasses and grab a bag of chips for dinner.  And the thought didn't occur to me until I already bought them "chips are bad for you, don't get them.. they are a weakness."  So I got them and I ate almost half the bag.  And then because I wanted to, I made a lean cuisine meal... because that is how awesome I am.
I am dumping out the chips today.  I honestly do not deserve any food if I am going to do that to myself.

One bite and I am done for.  Shouldn't even start.
I don't want to check the scale to see what the damage is, I am too afraid.


  1. if you think about it .. chips don't have ANY nutritional value their just grease .. when people think oh their just potatoes and a bit of oil their wrong .. all nutrition from the potato goes away in the deep fryin gprocess, in the old oil that's brown from all the frying and then the massive amounts of salt .. it's clogging your system! :)

    add me on MSN

    were doing a support group thing so we can get help stat if we have a food crisis, like i'm trying to talk you out of chips now :D haha

  2. join the club..
    sabotaging yourself is so much fun !!

  3. You can make up for it soon girl. Weakness is human, don't punish yourself for it. Just use it as motivation to be stronger :) xx

  4. I had chips this weekend too - argh!! I didn't even attempt to try and stop myself, even though there were other things in the house.

    I'm right with you on trying to better this week!!

    Vi x

  5. Lady, we've all done it at some stage or another. It's not the end of the world just because you had one set-back. Remember to keep perspective -the most important thing is that you don't let it overwhelm you. We're all here to support you anyway! Cxxx.