Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I hate commenting on blogs that have one of those stupid encryption things where you have to type in a word and number. First, I can never read the word, and 2nd, something is wrong with the I phone where it makes it difficult to complete. Do I have this? If so, how do I change it?

Monday, October 29, 2012

002. Keep a stack of magazines weighing the same amount you want to lose. When you lose weight remove some magazines from the stack. It will be thinspirational to see that pile slowly start to get smaller.

Nothing really with me.  I ate a lot today.  Healthy... but a lot.  So i did 30DS twice.  I know, that was the plan, but I was really planning not to do it tonight.  After I had a handful of almonds and went over my calorie intake, I did it anyway.  And again in a few hours?  Yuck.

Going out to dinner tomorrow to a nice Indian resturant.  Everything here has so many carbs.  I need to watch out for that.

I dont feel like 30DS is making me smaller.  Maybe thats just in my head.  Maybe its just bc I havent gone to the bathroom in a few days?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

001. Keep a thinspiration book. Get a really nice journal or something and print pictures of skinny models, tips, quotes, or workouts, and glue it in there. Look through it whenever you want to binge.

I went to the Taj Mahal this weekend.  It was so wonderful.  SO beautiful.  It's so sad that one of the girls didnt want to go... I just dont even understand that.  You're in a foreign country you'll probably never come back to, and you don't want to see one of the 7 wonders of the world.

We really didnt have a lot of time, so I didn't overeat, yay!  I am afraid to eat certain things from most places, so a lot of what I eat if we aren't at the hotel is packaged and preservative filled.  Not good, but better than getting sick I think.

I did day 4 of Level 2 30DS today.  I need to make up both Friday and Saturday this week, so I plan to do 2 workouts tomorrow and 2 on tuesday.  Not sure if I can make that happen, since I can hardly breathe at the end, but I figure once in the morning and once before bed I should be able to handle it.  I HAVE to make up those days... no other option

Thank you Rio and TK for being my My Fitness Pal friends!!  I think it's motivating to see what other people eat.  If anyone else wants to add me, let me know.  I'm not giving out my username because it has my full name in it, but I'll friend everyone :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My fitness pal?

I just joined and need some friends. Any takers?
Training for the India Service Center began today. I'm not doing any trainings, but observing and helping out as the presenters need me. Best part of my day was making table tents for name tags. I should be an admin... That's what I love to do.
I've been thinking about my job... I don't love it, but I think I must be good at it since I was flown across the world to do it.
Weight is going up... Shocking but not unexpected. If I didn't have to go to dinner every day I think it might be a different story... But I can't just skip. I'm going to try to say I want room service tonight and see if that's ok. Then I will eat a zone bar and have a good work out. Still doing Jillian michaels 30 day shred. Today I'm on day 3 of level 2. It is wayyyy harder than level 1... And I sort of feel bad about hopping around and bothering the person staying below me. I guess it's only 25 minutes.. So no big deal. Miranda said its awesome im sticking to this away from home. I think i could only do this away!! If I were at home, I'm be embarrassed if my roommate walked in on me. Silly, I know. On day 9 I remeasured and I am definitely smaller. Weight up, waist down??? Weird. Lets not pretend its muscle mass... 20 minutes a day isn't going to cause that. I need to get my eating under control... And maybe up my cardio. I was doing 400 cals of cardio before 30DS, but it's hard with the work load and timing. The other ppl in my group do the gym in the AM. first, I don't want to run into them, and it's the only time to talk to the boyfriend. I can do 20 minutes of shred, but the gym as well would be too much.
Speaking of boyfriend... I miss him. And I'm upset with him. We talk every morning, which is his night. And we are reading a book called "the five love languages." We read a few chapters each week and talk Thursday morning. I know he doesn't want to read it, but it's important to me to find out if our problems are just language barriers, or something deeper. Anyway, I called him this morning and he was asleep. He had a long day and fell asleep in the couch. Needless to say he hadn't read his chapters and didn't want to chat. When we hung up I cried. I felt abandoned. That might seem silly, a maybe it is... But it's the only time we get to talk and I had stayed up late to finish my reading, which didn't even matter.
Do I care more than he does? Or does he not understand what is important to me.... Not able to speak my love language?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today I doubled up on 30DS to get back on track. I decided on 27 day shred would be best, so that's nine days at each level. I did day 9 and 10 back to back and got to see the new level! Ouch!! There is more jumping around... I'm a little stressed about that given I'm in a hotel.
In other news, I am visiting the Taj Mahal this weekend!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

30 Day Shred Day 5 was a bust... instead I woke up this morning (morning of day 6) to do it.  I will try to do it again tonight to keep up, but it's Friday, so we'll see.  The other option could be twice on Saturday or twice on Sunday.    Maybe I need to commit to doing it in the mornings instead of trying to do it after work and dinner.  We've been working hard to get ready for training, so I'm exhausted by the time I get home.  Last night, we ate dinner at the hotel restaurant and I had a glass of wine... which meant I was done for.  So exhausted after I got back to my room.

I emailed my mom to see if she wanted to skype... she said no!!  WTF?????  Anyone else have strange parents?

well... thats it really.  Haven't been eating well with all the candy in the office, but I'm going to quit that starting today.  Its not a good habit. AT ALL.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yesterday we went to dinner as a group at the hotel restaurant, and when I got back I just couldn't bring myself to do 30DS.  It was only 9pm, but I was exhausted.  The worst part was I didn't even sleep well.  I kept waking up for no reason.  Maybe it's my malaria medication?  I've heard it gives you really messed up dreams.

Anyway, I did Day 3 when i woke up, and I just finished Day 4 tonight... so I'm still on track.  I do only have 24 full days left here... so I was thinking maybe I should do a 27 day shred instead of 30.  I would do 9 days on level 1, 9 on level 2, and 9 on level 3.  The other option is to do 10, 10, and 7 (technically I could squeeze in another one on my last day, so 8).  Thoughts?

So, it looks like we wont be able to go to Taj Mahal.  This weekend and next weekend are the only ones we aren't in training, but we are falling behind, so I think next weekend might be a bust.  I hope thats not the case... I really want to go!!  This weekend we are having one of the HR girls take us shopping!!  I hope she doesnt mind "working" on a Saturday.  Ehh, we probably pay her to tote us around.

So.... more pictures:

Monday, October 15, 2012

30 DS day 2 was no easier!  I guess I didn't expect it to be.  Won't I get bored with this doing it for 10 days straight until I move on to Level 2?  I guess you could do anything for 10 days.  I mean technically, I do the elliptical all the time.... same thing right?

Did 45ish minutes of Cardio, and then 30DS... but I also ordered room service for dinner (yummm pizza and wine).  Today was the first day at the office, and work was tedious and very busy, but I feel good about the progress.  The office brings in cafeteria food every day... Indian stuff like... I have no idea.  Yellow stuff.  It was good... but it kind of made me feel icky when I got home.  I should probably stick with the power bar.

Stupid girl from St Louis brought a HUGE bag of candy with her... I ate too much of that, so I wouldnt be surprised if I wasn't weighing less tomorrow even with my hard workouts.

On the way to the office I saw LOTS of cows.  So crazy that they are just walking around in the middle of the road.  The traffic here is an absolute nightmare... I mean I think i could say that 1,000 times and still feel passionate about it.  i saw a little kid riding a bike, and then a smaller kid sitting above the back wheel.  Where are their parents?!!?  Obviously, its just a different way of life.  Not something I could easily get used to.

One last thing... I think I'm alergic to the water.  I obviously cant drink it, but I think I've gotten some in my nose during my shower, and then my throat has been super sore and sneezing a lot.  I should have brought nose plugs.  Oh well.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just a quick update on my 1st day of 30 Day Shred.

Ummm... hard.  It's 20 minutes, so I assumed that meant it would be easy... at least sort of easy.  But there is no stopping for the entire 20 minutes, and so I think that coupled with cardio, I'll see some good results.  I did do my measurements, but I sort of dont want to share them, in case I fail.  Maybe I'll just do "before and after" on Day 28, which is the day before I go home.

Went to Thai restaurant for dinner.  I ate Chinese-ish food... Dim Sum, fried rice, and some crispy chicken.  Never order anything with the word crispy.  I know this... but I still did it!

Tomorrow is the first day of real work!  Hopefully it goes well

I want to fly first class for the rest of my life.  The ONLY bad part is that they give you food and alcohol nonstop.  Even when I slept through a meal, I woke up, asked for a soda, and received a snack too.  So lets just say the first day I didn't do so hot with my calories.

I've been here about 3 days- my hotel is absolutely beautiful.  Very high-end... but old.  They are doing renovations everywhere.  Yesterday I woke up from a nap to the smell of paint and had to request to move rooms.  The culture here is so different.  I'm not used to being waited on.  My doorbell rings every hour with someone bringing me fruit or chocolate or wanted to turn my bed down.  Its pretty amazing. 

The gym is amazing too.  Well.. I guess I wouldn't say amazing... it doesn't have the machines I'm used to, but they have touch screens and you can watch tv or play games or plug in your ipod and it will read your playlists for you.  Very neat.  I played sudoku today :)  Saturday/Sunday I did 400 calories on the elliptical type machine, which was about 50 minutes.  Saturday I then walked 2 miles, and Sunday I walked 1.

I was hoping to be more afraid of the food.  I know that sounds backwards... but my goal is to drop about 10 lbs while I'm here... and I've not been eating A LOT, but I've been trying all sorts of new stuff, which isn't helping my cause.  I am afraid of the water for sure... I got some in my nose in the shower and now I feel sickish.  Just have a sore through and need to blow my nose a lot.

Since I'm here for about 30 days.. I was thinking about starting the 30 day shred.  I wouldnt be able to fnish it, but I'd get pretty close.  I already did my workout for today, but maybe if I don't drink too much at dinner I can do that when I come home.  I don't have weights though... maybe water bottles will work?

Pouring down rain.  What a nice time for a nap

See pictures below

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm headed to India tonight.  I'm going to be there for a whole month.  Do you think I'll be able to lose weight while I'm there?  I certainly hope so.  I've been kind of bad recently... I mean.. super bad.  You can't eat beef in India, so I've been stuffing my face with burgers and steak.  Ugh.  I don't want to weigh myself before I go.   I really need to lose weight while I'm there.  All food is free for me... someone will pay for my breakfast lunch and dinner if I want them to.  A lot of my coworkers are afraid to eat there... so maybe I just need to fall into that category.  I'll have a gym, and my computer so I can watch Insanity whenever.  I just need to DO it.  I just need to decide that what i want is HEALTH.... not SUGAR. The candy that I've been eating doesnt make me feel good.  It doesn't taste good enough to ruin my progress.  But I forget that a lot....

So, I'll try to keep you all updated on my progress