Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breakfast and Lunch yesterday went off without a hitch.  No cheating at all.
However, I got a little devil on my shoulder around 8 when i was wrapping up at work saying "you should eat potato chips and dip when you get home".  I thought.. no... I shouldn't.  But I really wanted to.  So... thats what I did.  And a half quesadilla.  No asparagus for me... no skinny for me.  At least I didn't indulge in any chocolate... oh wait i also had a granola bar.
sooo.. quesadilla- 300, maybe less, chips and dip - 400, granola bar- 90.  So that puts me at 1490 for the day.  And I did a 30 minute bike ride (-100?).  I guess not toooooo terrible considering I have my period.

Today for breakfast-  english muffin with ricotta cheese, pear, and honey, chocolate milk- 350
Lunch- grapes (100), edamame (130), string cheese (90), carrotts (50), soda (0)- 370
Snack- granola bar (90)
Dinner- Asparagus (200)
Sounds good... if I can actually keep the dinner part up.  I just got a new dress. I am going to see if I can hang it near my pantry.


  1. did you know that one small can of asparagus, the smaller bites is only 30 calories?? :) just a little tip