Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I really wish I was blogging more. I don't know how much of the old crew are still around, or even how you get new followers haha. I guess I should be blogging for myself not for anyone else!!

I blogged last month about dietbet, a competition I joined when you pay $25 and bet against yourself to lose 4% of your body weight. I made it to the end and I won! I lost a little bit more... Low carb diet and lots of running!  It helped that I was running most days to train for the Peachtree Road race.  Unfortunately I gained all the way I lost back over Fourth of July and my trip to my old college town to celebrate my 2 year anniversary. So I'm back at it...low-carb diet started yesterday and I'm going to try to keep up the running as much as possible. 
The 10K was a huge success... I ran the race in 1 hour and 19 minutes. I keep feeling the need to tell everyone that I ran with a slow friend... I mean, I did run with a slow friend, and I wasn't exhausted during the run at all, but  I am not sure I could have finished in the same pace on my own because I'm so wrapped up in my own head and usually sabotage myself. Still working on it!