Tuesday, April 27, 2010

new post... better picture.  So this is what Byron gave me.. the guy from Vegas that I met that I have now become obsessed with.  Before you think "cocky".. I asked for it... although I didn't really realize that this is what I was getting... actually I had no idea.  what kind of person is all buff and stuff underneath normal business clothes?  NOT ME!!!!  But... I obviously need to be.  I was SO good yesterday until dinner.
Breakfast- 1 english muffin with ricotta cheese (175).  Snack- Granola Bar, Coffee (190), Lunch - Soup (110), Snack- String Cheese (90) Dinner- Leftover Pasta (400), Snack- Popcorn :(300?).
I wish I hadn't eaten that popcorn. So I ended the day around 1300, rounding up.  Went to the gym too and did 30 minutes on the bike, level 8 intervals, and leg presses and chest presses.  Looking in the mirror I felt a little trimmer... but I really don't know. I don't weigh anything trimmer so thats not saying much


  1. now if only we could look like that... or at least worthy of that....

  2. That guy is jacked! Wow!

    I have probs with blogs too, mainly yours and jess. I think it has to do with friend connect. Even though I'm following your blog your new posts never show up.

  3. You know K, my hubby was seriously buff when I met him, and I weighed about 70-ish lbs more than I do now. I have been fatter and thinner and have always had male attention. There really are guys who like all types. If the guy is into you, then I say just get on the ride and go!

    And, I've see your pics and you are beautiful and lovely and no wonder he likes you!