Sunday, April 4, 2010

for some reason weighing hasn't been a high priority for me recently.  i mean... i weigh every day... and i see the number and I think "oh i wish that would go down"... but i just go on with my day and try not to stress.
i bought healthy food yesterday at the grocery store.  food i wouldn't normally eat.  i found a magazine article about a diet for people who can't cook.... It included toast with ricotta and pear, chocolate milk with frozen fruit blended into a smoothie.
i feel like these foods are way of limits.... but if someone from health magazine is saying "eat these to lose weight"... should i believe them?
I am under the impression (wrongly, i know....well... i dont know but whatever) that the best thing to do is not put anything in my mouth.  Thats why I have no breakfast.  However by lunch time my brain feels weak and I eat something... and I probably don't eat enough and thats why I snack.  I went to the gym 4 times last week... weird.. I dont know why I was so into it, but I am glad!  I need to keep it up.  I am winded and dripping with sweat on the elliptical after 30 minutes... which means its working.

Sprite and I---- I dont know...  I don't like him.  I like him... but he is so awkward.  It's obviously not going to work.  When we went to the lakehouse last weekend... and he passed out before me, that was a sure sign.  You are probably thinking... what, thats weird?  why is that important?  It is.  Holding your alcohol like a girl is not something I look for in a man.  Especially if I wanted to get laid... which i did, but not with him.  He has only slept with one girl one time.... okay i know I shouldn't judge.. because some people chose to wait until marriage.  However... there are other people who would gladly NOT be waiting until marriage (Sprite)... but somehow can't get any.  I know exactly why.... because he falls all over himself for me, clings like static, and cannot carry a conversation through text/phone... and sometimes in person.  I called him out on being late to all of our dates (3), and told him I thought it was disrespectful.  Then I saw him out last night, and I tried to act nice, but I would come over to talk to him... and he would just stand there and have nothing to say.  Then I called him out on that too.  I was glad to get the date last night over with.  I went up to Monicas and he went back to his friend's house.. and my friend was there and said "Don't you know she is an accountant... the two biggest values she has are time and money".... oh did I mention that on our date he forgot his wallet?!?!?!?!
I want to hang out with that group because I really like them.. so I am nervous about breaking up with him... or like.. not going on any more dates..  I want to help him not be so awkward... he is a fabulous kisser and a really nice person, but I am so turned off by the cling and awkward conversation and the disrespectful behavior that I just don't think I am interested.

I am distracted.. I can't type anymore.  I keep meaning to link a picture to sprite, but I just don't even have the effort.  You can check back at my old posts

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  1. i know what you mean; ive been feeling the same way..
    oh the scale..