Friday, June 18, 2010

yesterday was alright.  Instead of eating the celery and hummus like planned, I had a packet of crackers (210), and a few almonds (100).  I also ate a big cookie (booo), and a starbucks drink

I left work around 6:15 to go to spin class, only to find that the instructor didn't show up! It was awful.  I just decided to go back to work, and stayed until about 8:30... I have a lot to do and since I go in so late (8:30-9), I usually end up staying.  It just sucked that I didn't get to work out, and I wasted an hour of my life in the car when I could have been home at 7:30 instead.  But oh well.. when I got home I was too tired to stuff my face with food.  I did eat a lot of soup, and now that I think about it I ate some cheese and crackers.  Hopefully not too much damage.  Supposedly I am going out for sushi tonight for dinner, but not until 9.  I should have plenty of time to get a good workout in then... on Fridays I leave work around 5 usually.... I hate to stay, even though it usually means I do a few hours of work on the weekend.

Oh well!!  I am going to be good today!

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