Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This morning the scale said 149.  Honestly I thought this weight gain was just a fluke and I would be going back down... but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Haha.. so awesome that I start exercising MORE, and gain weight.  I don't care if it is water or not.. it F-ing SUCKS.
I think I need to reign in my eating.  That is probably my downfall.  Its not that I don't eat healthy, but that I eat things that weren't on my original plan.. or I didn't plan in the first place.  For instance, yesterday during the day I did really well... I had a mini croissant for breakfast (200), soup and blueberries for lunch (300), coffee (90), and then I got home... I had more soup and a croissant (450), and some pretzels (150).  If I had stopped there, that would have been find (although I shouldn't have eaten the pretzels).  Instead I went over to a girlfriends house and munched on some chips and cheese dip and couscous and a beer and a glass of wine.  I probably got up to 2,000 calories.  BOOOOO.  Today I should plan out my meals.
breakfast-- coffee, croissant
snack-- apple
lunch-- soup (homemade, all low sodium ingredients, only fat is cheese and avocado if you choose)
snack-- celery and hummus
dinner-- soup

I am contemplating going to the spin class today... but I need to do my training workout. I am supposed to do it 2 times during the week... obviously this weeks workout is freaking killer, so I am avoiding it.  I feel less sore today, but my hips are intact!  I like to do the spinning for the high calorie burn and good heart health.. but I need to do the weight training because that's the way to get toned and increase my metabolism.  I would say "oh, I'll just do both"... but... I don't know... I guess I could.  Or do my weight exercises and then do 30 minutes of the elliptical or something.

To answer Harlow's question--- no, my trainer did not give me a meal plan.  actually we don't even talk about long term goals, or plans.  basically, she spends 30 minutes walking me through a workout, and then expects me to do it 2 more times that week.  i believe that we are supposed to have a check in every month with the lead trainer to get our measurements done and see the progress though.  maybe we add in diet later?


  1. For some reason I can comment on your newest post, but yes I'd like to see what your trainer gave you for work outs!

  2. hmmm i guess its different at every gym. my last trainer made me keep a food diary for 2 weeks and then he reviewed it and made recommendations.

    which all boiled down to eat more, which was a useless recommendation, so all in all the food diary was pointless.