Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Calories today were a DISASTER.  I literally.  LITERALLY ate an ENTIRE sleeve of thin mints. 640 calories.  Surprising it was so small!!
I also ate a southwestern chicken salad... grilled chicken, lettuce, corn, beans, guac, salsa, honey mustard dressing.  Sweet potato fries.  A few bites of spinach dip
I honestly find it surprising that I am under 2,000 calories (I used calorie count website)

Oh, did I tell you that I also fell down the stairs.

YEP.... that's how great my life is!
Going spinning tomorrow.  Life has to get better, right?


  1. It happens babe. Call it a metabolism boost day and move on. Except for the stairs part, glad you didn't break anything! (I hope?)

  2. Falling down the stairs!? Ouch!

  3. Thin mints are the devil and Girl Scouts are pushers.