Thursday, June 17, 2010

I was at work 12 hours yesterday... so needless to say I missed the spin class... even if I had planned on going (I had my workout clothes in my car!!).  I ended up going to the gym around 9:30 last night, biking for 30 minutes and then doing my training workout, minus the burpees.  Burpees, or squat thrusts, are seriously awful. 

I was also supposed to do jumping lunges, but I just did normal ones because I don't like looking like an idiot.  That is definitely something I need to get over!!  Does anyone want me to post the workout my trainer gives me?  I know some people are set in their ways so it wouldnt really be helpful.

I didn't do well with the food.  Had oatmeal instead of my croissant, which was good, but I didn't eat my apple, and instead I had 6 pieces of miniature candy, and a handful of chips with guacamole.

I'll try to do better today.  Oatmeal, Lean Cuisine, Celery and Hummus, Apple, Soup.


  1. oh yes please! I would love to see what someone else is doing for a workout. I am always looking to change it up. I don't like my muscles getting used to a workout.

  2. Aww babe can you please send it to mee iswell :))
    I'd also love to see what other people are doing tredmilling ad jogging are soo boring :/
    anyway thinkthin
    love miah xx

  3. please post your workout! change and variation is GOOD!

  4. Burpees! I used to have to do those in middle school track. I should start again.

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