Wednesday, June 2, 2010

it is really easy to lie to yourself. it is really easy to say "well... that cookie didn't count"  it's easy to bump up your calorie burn and reduce your calorie intake... and whats the reason?  to hide from yourself?
i am so guilty of this.  how much was my tortilla soup last night... WELL i tell myself that it didn't have any tortillas, and I used FF everything, so it really can't be that bad.  BUT i made it from scratch, there is no label to tell me, and did I have 1 cup or 3 cups?  A bowl is not a measurement.
how many calories do YOU burn in yoga.  Was it the yoga where you are constantly moving around and starting to sweat, or is it the yoga where you sit like a statue and concentrate on breathing?  when we go to enter in our exercise, do we take this into account?  the instructor in the spin class i took on Monday said we burned 740 calories.  HE might have burned that many... I certainly didn't. 
I just don't understand what the point of lying is.  It just hinders us-- dragging us further and further from our goal.  And I don't understand why I continue to do it!!


  1. I feel ya, sister. I feel ya so hard.

  2. i also feel ya, sister.

    (comedic relief!)