Sunday, June 13, 2010

Okay... on to weight related stuff.
In the last 4 weeks, I have been seeing a personal trainer.  Her name is Kristin and she is great.  She is 27, in AMAZING shape, and we have a lot of fun chatting.  It seems to me like we would be really good friends.  This is a plus and a minus on the personal training front.  I WANT to go, because I spend a good half hour talking to someone I like, and the workout goes by fast.  Wouldn't it suck to work out in silence?  However, after the first time, I no longer got sore... I feel like she and I probably don't work out as hard as we could because we are chit chatting.  She never gives me any advice like "you need to work on form"  (maybe I have perfect form?)  Do you think that since I am paying her, I should say something?  And what would I say??  I like her A LOT and I don't want to ruin this, but like I said.. I am paying her so I should be getting results.
Okay, also... I have been GAINING weight.  I am at 150 right now.  I have been working out like crazy... I have been going to cycle twice a week, which is an hour of intense cardio, I have been doing my personal training workouts once or twice a week and then doing a half hour of cardio.  I wonder if I have been eating more???
I also started taking birth control again... seasonique.. the kind you take for 3 months with no period.  This week would have been the week I would have gotten my period, and I am feeling sore in my hips, and a little bloated.  Is this normal? Could this be why I am gaining weight?  What happens with all that tissue buildup if I don't have a period?  Does it get reabsorbed? Or does it just keep building up for 3 months and then I have a really heavy period when I finally get one?
Advice please?
Also, I am not eating today after brunch.  I promised that I would go to my friends parents house for brunch, but I am NOT eating after that.  I bought size 6 shorts at old navy yesterday.  I didn't try them on because I was sweaty from cycle, but when I got them home... they DIDN'T FIT!!!!  SERIOUSLY?  I can't wear ANY shorts.  That's how awesome my life is.  I am NOT going to be the fat girl.  An 8 is ridiculous.  Fuck Me.


  1. its your money, definately say something!
    you dont have to be rude at all.

    maybe something like
    "So, lately I feel like the workouts haven't been pushing me as hard as they could. I want you to really push me, I need that. I need to know what I'm doing wrong. Because I enjoy our sessions so much and I want to get best of both worlds!"

    or something like that... :P:P

  2. You know I feel you on the "working out=gaining weight thing." I could lecture you about muscle weighing more than fat, yadda, yadda, yadda. But we both know it's the number on the scale that can make or break the whole day. Sorry chicka.

  3. Just for the record K, I love reading about your life and I'm super glad that you are posting more often again <3

  4. About the personal trainer: If you really feel like she isn't working you hard enough, try to recognise when you are chatting about something that could be replaced with work out talk and maybe say something like..."hey, do you think this is the right form?" or "how many reps should I be doing?"...just to bring the topic back to why you are paying her.

    About the weight gain: Maybe you are holding water in your muscles from the recent intense work outs? That happens to me from time to time.

    Sorry, I have to tips about the BC.

  5. i bet you are 150 because of the birthcontrol. some people it really affects. (me being one of them) example: went on Diane 35 years ago. i gained 35 pounds in a month. last summer went on bc literally gained 10 pounds in a week or 2.

    i'm not trying to scare you but that could be the cause of your weight gain.

    Also did your trainer give you a meal plan at all? if she did can you post it? i'm curious as to she'd recommend for a diet plan


    ~ Harlow