Sunday, June 13, 2010

its been over a week since my last post! i am not doing well!!! I am sorry.  I have been reading, but life is... life.
Update on my hot man.  Last post I said I was being a girl about the situation, where I felt under appreciated and so on and so forth. Piglet made a comment saying that he wasn't meeting my emotional needs, which really rang true with me.  What ARE my emotional needs?  I seem to be the person who wants her cake and ice cream at the same time.  I want him to love me SOOOOO much, but give me LOTS of space...  I want a boyfriend, without the pressure.  Well... that doesn't exist.  So, the next day he called me, and I asked about 4th of July, AGAIN... and he said that he didn't think it was a good idea because his whole family would be up and we wouldn't get to spend any time alone, and that maybe I could come up in August.  AUGUST? So I said... "look babe... this seems like its coming to an end.  I really like you, I think you are great and I could really see myself caring a lot about you, but at this point, you aren't meeting my emotional needs (THANKS PIGLET :)"  We discussed what I meant... that I felt like I wanted to just be in a casual place in my life, but with him and the distance, it wasn't possible, and that he was such a great guy I would rather just not talk to him at all than to feel stressed because I liked him so much and wasn't sure if he liked me or if we were actually going to see each other again etc etc.  His response was "I have enjoyed talking to you every day since we met, and I think that I just have realistic expectations of this while you might not.  I am just sort of taking it day by day and who knows where it will go."  I told him I appreciated that, and I enjoyed talking to him too.. and then we hung up.
I e-mailed him a few times the next day but not nearly as much as we normally do, and then I went and helped a friend move a washer dryer (and by help i mean sat and watched).  When I got home I had a missed call from him, and when I called him back he said something like "I was sure you would have called me while I was playing my basketball game but I didn't have a missed call from you and it sucked.  I thought about what you said all day and it really upset me.  I WANT to meet your emotional needs.  I WANT you in your life.  I want to be your boyfriend and be your only one."  Seriously, it was like twilight zone.  I was SO freaking surprised!!!  Since then.. I didn't exactly agree to the boyfriend thing.. but I have been taking the approach that yes, he does like me, we are just busy people and we can't be expected to change our lives completely and chit chat constantly throughout the day.  Hopefully we'll get some good weekend talking in, and for right now, that can be good enough, because I don't have any prospects here in Atlanta.  Honestly though, even if I did, this guy is a keeper... I just have to actually SEE him...  I am wearing him down on letting me come visit for the holiday.... although he is right, it would totally suck to spend the entire weekend with his family.

Well, this post was supposed to be about weight.  I will write another one I guess!!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the props! I'm glad I helped!

    Since being married to a man that loves and adores me, it has given me some prospective on some of the other losers I have dated! I'm "wiser" I guess! haha.

    Anyway, it seems things are smoothed over for the time being. Worrying about guy stuff sucks.