Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the trainer is back!  thank the lord!!!  i am going to insist that she fits me in a week ahead of time so we don't do this crazy waiting til the last minute thing again.  it is so annoying and it makes me feel unloved.  she changed her schedule and now only trains in the morning, and it just seemed like she didn't WANT to fit me in.  she said she would, and then didn't text me.  I FB friended her, maybe that jogged her memory, because yesterday at work i got a text saying she had a Wednesday AM appointment.  Perfect.  I leave for NY to see my family on wednesday night.  then I fly from NY to Charleston on Monday for a work project... and I won't be back in Atlanta until the following Wednesday.  It is going to be a long trip... but I think that it is better than coming back to ATL Sunday night, and flying out again Monday morning.
Spinning yesterday, followed by girls night with 2 glasses of wine, but not too much damaging food, luckily.  I did eat mozz sticks, but I didn't eat many tortilla chips as normal :)
I am starting to feel a little bit of ownership of my body.  Like... this is what I WANT.. and if I WANT it, I need to WORK for it.
Have not weighed in today yet.  Probably won't exercise today because I need to pack and squeeze in 4 days of work into my remaining 2.  YES
Thanks for the support!!  I'll post Kristin's workout tomorrow!!

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