Monday, June 14, 2010

note to self... and to all of you reading... if you don't feel like you are getting a good workout from your trainer... do NOT tell her "I actually haven't really been sore the last couple of times we have worked out."  Seriously, I had my training session this morning which is different, but she had to change her schedule and I like her so I wanted to change with her.  I thought afterwards I was going to die.  Like literally die.  I brought my work clothes with me, but I had to go home, just so I could sit on the toilet and NOT move... and because I was so sweaty there was NO WAY I could pass at work without a shower.  yeah.. so just so you know, don't say that... you will hate yourself.  I ate 840 calories from breakfast and while I was at work, and then I went to a cycle class... crazy, I know.  I promised my bff I would cycle with her last week before I knew my training session would be the same day.... I didn't work too hard.  When the instructor said 70%... I was probably more like 50%.  I guess it's all relative though.  It FELT like 100%!!!!  I am guessing I burned 400 calories in the hour.

So then, Meaghan and I always drink a huge bottle of wine between the two of us, and eat terrible food.  I made potato salad yesterday with miracle whip and lots of veggies, and we also ate Brie and water crackers and cheese spread.  It was the cheese part that really sucked.  And the wine I guess.  I tried not to eat too much.  She bought cake... but I didn't eat much, half a slice maybe.  I purged a little bit after she left (boo), but then in the middle I coughed, and I got it into my nasal passage.  If you purge, you know this is the "REAL" throwing up... it hurts and burns and SUCKS... I gave up after that.  No point in even trying again because I would end up feeling disgusting for a few hours while the acid ate through my tissue.

SO... I guess I am doing okay?  I shouldn't have eaten all of that... although I should have seen it coming with her.  We have a "healthy lifestyles" competition at work, where you have to eat 3 veggies, drink 2 liters of water, not have soda, and work out 4 times a week.. you build points, and the service line with the most points wins something stupid.... but I am going to compete anyway! I got ALL my points for today!!


  1. oh i hate when it goes into my nasal passage!!! so gross.. but then i sniff and it goes to my throat and makes me throw up more so i guess it's fine .. but then it burns! sucks

    you did good though! was the cycle class spinning? oh i hate spinning .. so hard but WORK OUT !!!

  2. Wow girl, your workouts sound really impressive. I never work out. May I borrow some of your work ethic, please? lol

  3. I want a personal trainer too!