Friday, June 25, 2010

Workout for this week:
Do this 3/4 days this week.

1. Step up with bicep curls (10 pounds, 10 reps) 3x
2. Side Leg Raises (stand up and lift leg 90 degrees, then move forward, back, and down. 10 reps each side) 3x
These two go together... so you don't take a break.  Do 1 then 2, then repeat 2 more times.

1. Standing Row (or any type of row, if you have a machine.  12 reps) 3x -- I didn't use weights, I used a heavy type of lifter
2. Skiers (these are backwards lunges, switching legs. 18 reps) 3x

1. Assistend pullups (on level 13... 130 pounds.  8 reps) 3x
2. Mountain climbers 30 reps, 3x

Crunches: (repeat 2 times)
1. feet straight up, reach and touch outside of opposite toe- 20
2. modified pike - 14
3. sit ups- 4 twists on the way up, 12
4. regular sit ups- 12
5. bicycles- 24

Abs burned this week! Usually they dont!


  1. i looooove when my abs are sore/ burn etc...
    its my problem area; makes me feel like i actually am making a difference

  2. ab soreness= amazing! keep it up! =]