Sunday, June 20, 2010

i didn't fast.  while i was working (YES... I WORK ON SUNDAYS TOO... because being an accountant is AWESOME), i had some almonds, and then I had a few beers at the pool.  I was feeling a little tipsy so my friend made me some caprese salad, a half a sandwich and a spinach and tomato salad.  pretty healthy if you ask me.  I haven't had anything else and its 9pm.  We'll see how the rest of the night goes.  May have some soup before bed.
Went on a 4 mile walk with my friend... decent exercise for a Sunday.
My trainer has completely ditched me.  I need to find a new one, but I want a female and thats not easy.  I'll try my best to find a new one soon.


  1. Ugh that sucks about the trainer :( Do you think its because of what you said? :(

  2. Why did she ditch you!? bitch.

  3. Yeah, what's with the ditching? Hope you find one you like soon.

    And big snaps up for the new shorts fitting! Yay!