Saturday, July 3, 2010

it is saturday morning.  he didnt call me thursday night.  sometimes thats normal.. but i made a point to NOT email him during work on friday.  literally.... not a word.  he didnt call, text, email... nothing.  and now i don't know how to handle the situation.  does he think i am mad at him?  is he actually blowing me off?  is he acting like a boy instead of a man.. and his way of 'breaking up' with someone is to ignore them?  however... i am usually the person who emails him first.... usually he says that my job is way more important so that if he doesn't hear from me it means i am busy.  so now that i have put the ball in his court... i wonder.... does he know its in his court? or is he worried that maybe i dont want to talk to him since i usually initiate the conversation?
i have considered calling him this afternoon and saying something like 'look, this is obviously over... if you wanted to break up with me at least you could have been a man about it and let me know'... but i am afraid that i am taking this completely out of context.. as in.. i am just making things up in my head because i am an irrational female... and he is actually a) busy, b) with family on this holiday weekend, c) thinking I am mad bc i didn't contact him.

on/off switch---- need to invent that.  And DO need another guy here... just need to find one.

Off to spinning!!  Still sore from training but oh well

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  1. I'd just give up if I were you. If he doens't contact you again, then so be it.

    But that's just me. haha. I have no patience for games.