Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i have been reading blogs but have been unmotivated to write.  and my internet has been out at home.  and i am more than a little tired of unloading on you all.  basically, in order to survive real life, i get out all the bad stuff here... that way, its like i bitched, im over it, and now i can be happier in the real world.. or supposedly.
fast update on boy-- i left him a voicemail voicing my opinion about it being over and him being less than a man for ignoring me.  he called later that night, let me know that his phone had been broken for the last 3 days, that i was being a complete girl because i didn't try to call him or i would have known it went straight to voicemail, and that he didn't have my number memorized so he couldn't call me.  so... we made up.  i need to take this less seriously.  my best friend in blogger land (she doesn't blog, but she's still my bff) told me it sounds like i am super depressed and stressed about this whole situation.  I shouldn't be though... because like i said in my last post... he lives in Colorado... there IS NO future.  This is purely fun, and I think that because I have been in serious relationships so long, I sometimes forget that.  The rational part of me just seems to slip out when I am stressed, and everything becomes this HUGE mess when I should be living life to the fullest, having fun, and accepting things for the way they are.

Easier said than done.

The stress has done me good this time around.  I have been working out like a mad woman.  I didn't exercise Sunday, but Monday I went to a spin class, and then to the other gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Yesterday I went to my trainer in the morning (6:30-- way too early), and then to a spin class, which was surprisingly good.  I have my favorite instructors, and then I feel like no one ever measures up.  Tuesday at 6:45-- now on the list!
Food has been decent too.  Fruit, I had an entire subway sub yesterday-- half for lunch and half for dinner, and soup too.  I did eat 2 granola bars and 2 cookies, I didn't deserve them and shouldn't have had them.  Will do better today.  Doubtful I will be exercising... big deadline at work.

Hope everyone is well.


  1. Please don't stop writing! I like to hear about your life. You are definitely one of my favorites on here. Glad you sort of have it worked out with the boy right now.

  2. I feel ya about having no motivation to write. My life is so everyday and boring...haha.

  3. Bitch and unload. That's what blogs are for! Unless you are one of those folks that is out to inspire people and changes their lives, but then I prolly would not be reading your blog :)

  4. LOL at your comment on my blog. We are of the same mind girlfriend. Folks who tell me how great life is and blow rose-colored smoke up my ass just don't hold my interest. Keep it real and I'll keep coming back for more.

  5. I too am guilty of unloading everything on my blog. But I think that's probably why most of us are here, so don't worry about it!

  6. I used to keep a blog on here, under a different name, and I swear 99% of what I did was bitch. But I had like 200 followers and got a lot of comments, so I guess people ate it up. Haha plus it's therapeutic to get out your problems.
    My blog now isn't like that, but it' interesting concept. Check it out sometime! :)