Friday, July 16, 2010

i have absolutely no justification for my lack of weight loss.  i basically just suck.
i feel like a huge fat cow... constantly. 149.2 #  Birth Control? Alcohol? Fatness?  Whatever it is... it sucks
It is VERY early in the morning, I am about to get my ass to the gym.  I don't care if I won't be able to function today at work. Must go to a Brave's game tonight, so I doubt I'll have any real exercise any other time.


  1. Hang in there, its always hard when we hit a plateau. It seams that no matter how hard we try, you cant seam to shed any pounds. Do you think it could be because you are working out and now are gaining muscle?

  2. don't give up. things always seem better after some exercise, a shower and reading a book or something like that. I know how it feels. Like they say "prevention is better than cure" so try especially hard to make the best decisions (i.e. food choice) and you won't be paying the consequences for it later (:

  3. I have no motivation either. If you find some on sale, pick me up a 2-pack and I'll pay you for it.