Friday, July 2, 2010

and the male depression sets in once again.  i wish i didn't care.  i wonder if there is an on-off switch i could find to make it stop.  honestly its really not fair.  my friend and i were discussion the males in our life.. hers thinks that men need to ignore woman they like in order to keep them interested.   thats just bullshit... but she said that she plays the same game with him.  if he doesn't want to call her then don't... that she will just ignore him, go 72 hours without a word until he breaks down and texts first.  then they text like wildfire for a while.  Weird.  I guess for me this is just.. odd, because i have never been in a relationship with someone who is so..... fickle? I dont know if that is the right word.  Someone who calls me baby and wants to talk late at night, then suddenly doesn't call me or text me all day, responds to my texts 2 hours later with short answers.. so odd.  Honestly... if he told me he didn't want to talk to me anymore, I think I would be a little hurt, but not sad.  More just like... "well, okay, time to move on" God I complain about him all the time, what the hell am I doing in a relationship with him?  When it stops being fun, time to get out.  I guess this situation is different because he lives across the country, and we aren't really dating... and I am obviously blowing everything out of proportion.

Trainer beat me up yesterday-- it was pretty hard. I'll post the workout later, its in my car.  I ate a protein bar, some potato chips, a lean cuisine, oatmeal, salad and lasagna.  Probably did pretty well as far as food, but I wish I hadn't eaten those chips.

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  1. An on/off switch for caring about men would be totally great. Although it may lead to the species dying out....

    In my "before-husband" years, I was notorious for having a main guy and a side-dish (if you know what I mean). It worked for me, as when main dude was not being attentive enough there was always the second-string guy to pick up the slack.

    It's just a suggestion, I know your life is very busy and it might be too much to try and have more than one relationship, however casual.