Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am endorsing a new blog  Finding Half, I like it a lot :)
So I did my dumb video this morning instead of last night.. ugh.  At least today it wasn't really sweattastic... arms and shoulders... so just free weights.  And i only have 5 pound weights, so I don't find it too difficult!
The bad thing about working out in the morning is that then I shower and my hair is wet and I have to spend time getting pretty.. or just choose to look silly... which is probably where I'll head for today!

Ugh... yesterday there were bagels at work.  I had two throughout the day.  For lunch I had meatloaf that is completely no carb-- it was delicious and Im not sure if its exactly healthy, but it definitely made up for my dumb intake of bagels.  I made squash last night for dinner... surprisingly!  I can't believe I actually cooked.  And cleaned!  too bad the cleaning ruined my brand new manicure!  Sometimes I am so dumb.

And weight today was 145.2
You would think that the working out would help... but I guess not.
Progressive wants to get together tonight.  Idk what we will do... hopefully not sex.


  1. no carb meatloaf? that sure sounds interesting lol. i know how you feel, i hate when you have a really good day or two but the scale doesnt budge at all... or goes up! keep it up though, you're doing great =)

    s. xo