Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you Zoe and KSgirl  for your comments :)  Love ya!!!
And you are right.  A good lay is hard to find!!!

Stephen called last night and asked me to dinner this evening.  We are cooking or something?  Sounds fine to me.  I just figure having guys in my life... even if I don't want to lay them, are good for my self esteem.  And they help to pass the time!
I met a new boy this weekend-  we can call him Sprite.  He is very sweet and we have been chatting a bit over IM.  I have heard only good things about him from mutual friends... and he has asked me to do something "fun" this weekend.
The only thing I don't like about dating is that they take up so much time!!  I have been super into exercising recently, and how can I keep it up!?
I did a bit of p90x yesterday.  30 minutes maybe.  I should have done more, but I was getting very very winded.  My calves still hurt from the hike.  Food wise I was good.  Vegetables for lunch, then pub food for dinner at a work happy hour.  A total of probably 1000 cals... no more :)
I wish the scale would go down.  That would be amazing.

Love ya!


  1. you are awesome for even getting thru 30 mins of p90x. that shit is hard. good luck on staying in your calorie range and im hoping the scale goes down for both of us. lol