Monday, March 22, 2010

I am SO SORRY I have been MIA.  Stupid boys.... this guy, Sprite.... he has taken over my thoughts and my life and everything. UGH.
We had our first date on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and we went to the park for hours and just sat around and talked.  I made soup for dinner, and we watched a movie and drank wine.  It was realllly fun :)  He spent the night (on the couch), but i pulled him into bed with me at 8:30 and we slept/cuddled until almost noon!  No wonder I have been feeling fat... I have had a huge lack of exercise!

My p90x is not going great... I feel bad for letting Harlow down... but I can start again this week! Promise!  Sprite wants to come over tonight after my meeting but I am seriously considering turning him down so I can work out.  If only I would wake up early to work out.... :(

Has anyone seen alice and wonderland yet?  was it good?

The only thing I plan on eating today is soup.. yummmm


  1. I loved Alice in Wonderland - maybe not Tim Burton's best work, but still really enjoyable, plus the wardrobe is incredible!

    I can see why that boy would take over your thoughts, very cute ;)

    Hopefully I'll be able to stick with P90X, sometimes my husband and I are really competitive with things, I'm hoping this will be one of them so we keep each other motivated and accountable.

    Good Luck with the soup, I really think those are my favorite days since soup is such a harmless comfort food for me, maybe tomorrow, but today is nothing but raw veggies & almonds for me :)

  2. Agreed, i thought alice in wonderland was amazing. I loved it.

    Ahhhhhh i know what you mean by lounging around in bed all day and getting zero exercise!! I NEEEEEED to start working out more... Way more.

  3. If you're going to be MIA, lounging in bed with a boy is a great reason.

    I know you will kick it in the pants with the exercising tomorrow! I will if you will.