Tuesday, March 9, 2010

took an adderall today.
Ate: coffee with creamer, salad, a small bit of cupcake, skinny vanilla latte, 20ish almonds, a glass of wine, squash/okra/ground lean beef.  Total of 1000, max. :)
Then I did p90x for an hour, worked out my legs and back!
I have the dizzy feeling today.  If only it wasn't TOM, then maybe I would weigh myself tomorrow and see some improvement!
It is late, and I need to shower and head to bed.

I love you ladies :)


  1. yes to p90x togetherness!!

    what is your schedule for p90x?

    I'm off track so I was going to do yoga tonight, legs fri, arms sat and kenpo sun. i think thats not the p90x schedule, so I'll start over on monday, just let me know what workout goes with what day I'll do my best to do workouts on the same day as you.

    how are you finding the program? its challenging isn;t it?!