Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yesterday it snowed in Georgia.  For like... the 3rd time this winter.  Oh but its going to be close to 70 this weekend.
Global warming.... or cooling... or ozoning.  Just bad!

Today I have woken up in a bad mood.  I dont know why.  I had a very productive day yesterday.  I worked at a client and so I went home early and finished up from home, I was able to go grocery shopping, prepare salad, and guacamole.  I also watched biggest loser, cut coupons, and relaxed.  So I should be happy today.  I had a small break.  But I guess I want more.  I don't want to go to work today.  I am at a client again today... although this one is different and I'll be there for a while.
I want the weekend.
I want to love progressive.  I wish I did.  I want to not do what I always do and keep my mouth shut and pretend to be happy.  He really is great... I just.... well to be honest I can't get over the bad sex.  If sex was amazing, maybe I would feel differently.  But then again its not like I can tell him that, if I did sex would be awkward and terrible!  Oh wait....  well you know what I mean.
I am not sore from my workout yesterday.  I think I may need to get bigger weights.

and i weigh 145.2 or 146.2  the scale hates me.  i hate myself today.
I need a chill pill or today could go badly.

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