Sunday, March 14, 2010

So.... Harlow and I have decided that we are going to do p90x together... a motivational tool that will keep at least me on track!!  How can I NOT do it if I know shes doing it!? ya know!?

So... today was Core work... and honestly, I only got through like 30 minutes of the work out.  That sh*t is HARD... and I have a date here in a little while where we'll be hiking... same hike I did for my birthday.  I figured that would be a great way to get to know someone... getting all sweaty :)
This kid is in college (yuck) but he is tall, and he has a great major :)
Okay... sorry. I guess I need to explain.  My three main qualifications to be someone I date:
1) taller than me ( because taller men are more successful in life- true fact!)
2) older than me ( because men mature slower than women)
3) makes more money than me ( because who doesn't like money!?)

So this guy--- we'll call him Stephen (because that is his name), he is tall :), but still in school... so no money, and is a year younger than me :( :(.  BUT-- I don't think that I'm searching for a life mate from him... so whatever.  He is someone who can help me enjoy my life, and his girlfriend just moved away, so seriously... nothing serious will be happening!
ANYWAY- I met him at my birthday party last week and we are going out today-- we were going to do drinks but i feel like that is just toooo generic.  So we are going hiking.  We'll see if he can keep up!

So my core workout- I cut it short so I could actually function on my hike.  I think I should eat something before I go too... because I don't want to be passing out.. how about veggies?

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  1. p90x IS hard lol. my back is so sore from the legs and back workout friday.

    your questions about plyos, i have done it and it is hard, i can't make it past 40 minutes, i always have to stop. Its also hard on my knees/joints since its a lot of high impact movements so i'd say its my least favorite workout... but it works.

    today I'm going to the gym to do some cardio i'll then p90x yoga tonight. i will be doing p90x workouts 5 days this week.