Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A quick tuesday update...
I refuse to weigh in because its my TOM.... and probably because I would break down seeing the huge number on the scale and knowing that it won't go down after I am finished.
I miss being skinny.  I wore this pretty dress at my birthday party, but I couldn't help thinking how I had other, prettier dresses I could have worn if I were thin.
It is pretty noticable in my face.

Yesterday as far as food-- 1 medium smoothie (300), 1 glass of wine (150), 1 bag of fritos (150), 1.5 avacado rolls (???), half a plate of calamari (400??)
Over 1000.... thats not good.
Shouldn't have gone to dinner.. I would have gone to the gym if I hadn't.
Hopefully tonight.

Having salad for lunch today.

1 comment:

  1. salad is your friend baby!!

    i never weigh myself around TOM. it's not sane!!!