Sunday, February 28, 2010

i finally got my p90x dvd yesterday.  I did some core workout yesterday, and then i did cardio today.  I seriously cannot even yawn without hurting all over.  I hate it.  It is so hard.... but I am going to give it my best shot and see how I do!  Have not weighed myself this weekend.  Hopefully I didn't do too much damage.  I feel like I didn't really eat a ton... although I did just have a bunch of girlscout cookies that I should have passed on.  I brought them to my gfs house in hopes of getting rid of them.  They had been sitting on my counter since December so I was doing fine without the box actually being open!  Oh well I am dumb
Went to Progressive's house last night and we did the deed.  It was terrrrrrrrrible.  I am trying to think of the best way to describe it.  Like... two separate people.  Like I wasn't even there... he was just...jackhammering.  And then when he put the condom on it got awful and neither of us came.  We tried twice- once in the morning and once at night.  Ugh.
Things were great other than that..... we spent a long time talking, cuddling, napping.  I stayed at his house until 2ish.
I know I never blog at night but I felt like if I didn't put this all down I never would... I am so exhausted I don't think Ill wake up in time to blog in the morning.

Love yall


  1. oh noes!

    persist, it usually gets better!


  2. Sorry that "the deed" was not all that. Please do try again and give him some pointers on what you like. Best wishes for happy fornicating!

    (Oh, and I thought I wanted to get P90X, but then I saw an infomercial for the "Insanity" dvds and I totally want those. But you would lose a follower as I know I would die while trying to do them...)

  3. I loooove it when i ache from a hard work out. It makes me feel like I acomplished SOMETHING!!!
    You'll get stronger and skinner and more kick-ass SOOOON!!!!

  4. p90x is a killer, but it works if you stick with the program.

    I can't wait to get back into p90x, i want my skinny/toned body back!