Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hi Ladies!!
I am.... doing average.  I haven't been exercising every day like I planned, but I haven't been slack either.  I have been eating more than I want to, but not A LOT. 
Passover starts tomorrow evening and I am going to participate.  Nothing leavened... and my jewish friend says they try to stay away from anything with wheat as well, just to be safe.  So... no corn, no bread... no beer!
I have been considering cutting out alcohol until I go to Vegas.  I got SO wasted last night that I walked around naked for a minute
Ooops... friend is coming. I'll update later


  1. thanks for the comment! where are you from, if you don't mind me asking? that's so cool that we're somewhat close to each other, because i live only about 20 minutes from the MTSU campus! i'll let you know how the auditions go. =]

  2. hey do you find that sometimes p90x just burns you out? I'm not saying this is the answer or anything but i found that i had to do my own cardio (and just do the weights & yoga p90x dvds), or else i would just stop exercising at all.