Friday, March 26, 2010

its bathing suit season again....
i want to get so small i just disappear.
i want to have no embarrassment.
i want a tan, and no stretch mrks, and no weird bumps or bruising anywhere
i want to be perfect
i want to be skinny


  1. you will!
    keep strong .. exercise.. are you in a gym?

    do strength training it really helps speed up your motabolism AND it makes you look much better, not a weird skinny way but a HOT SKINNY way :D srsly strength training 3x a week .. my scale is moving more slowely but the measurements .. WOW ! i'm so happy :D

  2. Well said! Let's make it happen!


  3. Im exiting bikini season and entering skinny jean hell..
    Need need need need need to be thin!

  4. my trainer has me on a starvation diet and working out three times a week with weights and six times a week on the treadmill.

    i'm FUCKED.