Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my male friend came over for dinner last night and I made one of those wanchai ferry dishes... have you ever seen them in the frozen section?  "Chinese at Home"
They are delicious... I substituted brown rice for the white rice (mostly because I don't have a microwave), and I gave him more than half, so I'm thinking my portion was a little less than 500 cals.  Then I made those sugar cookies that have festive shapes on them (turkeys this time), and I had 2 (120 cals), and a Becks. 

So my total calories yesterday were about 1500- which is not bad really, seeing as how I did go spinning... and I ended up with a 530 calorie deficit yesterday.

I have two small rants- if you don't want me to ruin your day you can stop reading here:
1) has anyone noticed the influx of bloggers who claim to be eating disordered, but are really just teenagers who are struggling with self identity and trying to control something in their crazy world?  I'm not going to name names, but just give this small piece of advice:
I starved myself for most of highschool, and the first half of college.  I had to have 8 of my teeth replaced from purging after college was over.  I was thin, and beautiful, and happy, but I am paying for the consequences now.  I go through phases of not caring what I eat, to counting each tiny calorie (like right now), and obsessively exercising.  Be happy that you have a teenage body- they are the best.  And don't try the fad diets, they don't work. 
2) yesterday i had sex with my male friend 2 times, and he was extremely selfish both times... the first time i mean, it was better than the second, but he put me on top and that was it... seriously, don't initiate sex if it's not going to be good.

Ok, that's it.  I am going to have a good day!  I have to go out to lunch for a coworker's birthday, but I'll eat yummy yummy salad or soup.


  1. #1 - sometimes I wonder if the younger writers just lack a better understanding of their eating disorder - maybe they actually have one & maybe (hopefully) they don't - but I think the experience you gain over the years changes your perspective on it, & on life. There are a few wonderful, insightful young writers out there, but certainly some blogs are simply vapid.

    #2 - nothing, & I honestly mean nothing, is more of a waste of time than being with a selfish lover. My ex was selfish and he made sex such a horrible chore I thought I'd never want to do it again. I suggest finding someone worth your time, someone willing to be present in the moment and embrace the fun of it.

    good luck with today, I hope you have another successful one!

  2. Since I'm just getting back into blogging, um this is my first day I've had alone time with a computer to surf my old blogger friends I can't say I've noticed an influx of new bloggers.

    That being said though I did come across a lot of blogs when I was looking for a blog role that the people seemed really young and didn't seem genuine in their struggle with ED, it was if ED was the cool thing to do. I really hate using the term 'wanna-rexic' but seriously that was the only word I can use to describe those blogs.
    #2... agreed, don't intitate sex if its not going to be good. but maybe he thinks he is good :s ????