Monday, November 22, 2010

i am feeling insanely large today.  i am in NY with my parents.  my plan was to not eat much at all here... save money, get skinny, be happy.  there are a lot of foods my family eats that I'm not interested in touching, but they also have food for snacking on that I have a hard time passing up.
also, the family gym membership was canceled... so i can't go to the gym.  there is a bowflex downstairs... I just have to figure out how to dust it off and make it work, if i want to use it.  I used to work out at home when i was in high school-- i did videos and stuff in my room.  i was so good.  i also didn't eat... like ever.  i always have this idea that when i come home i will fall back into the same pattern... but i guess i have really changed.  everything changes huh? i guess i just need to do it.  i need to try.  i can take a walk, i can use an exercise video.  i can find things to do other than eat.  i need some motivation!!!

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  1. K!! Its me HARLOW! I'm your motiviation! Where are your p90x DVDs girl???!!!! bust those out!!

    OK so I'm a bit behind and I'm going to go catch up now!