Thursday, November 4, 2010

i feel bloated.  this week i'm getting my period.. so i guess that is to be expected.  i also feel like i need to be cleaned out... fruits and veggies today i guess?
i feel sore all over too... just sort of tight muscles i cant do much about.  i should take the time to stretch.. who really has time these days? at the gym i do a battery of cardio equipment occasionally followed by weights, and i am running out the door to get back and shower and go to work.  Impressed with myself that I've gone to the gym twice in the morning this week.. without a trainer!  I am definitely not doing as well on the exercise front without her... but it is also a matter of being busy at work, and not getting to those cardio classes I love.  Tonight I am going to a concert-- has anyone heard of Anberlin?  I feel like I am possibly the only one on the face of the earth!!

I plan to just have beer or something at the concert tonight for dinner.  Maybe rice and fruit today for breakfast and lunch?  Maybe oatmeal and fruit?  Damn, I need to go grocery shopping!

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  1. Wow! I can't imagine waking up early in the morning before school to work out and shower. Well done you! (:

    I need to go grocery shopping too. Am going to load up on as many berries (they're ridiculously expensive here) as I can afford over the weekend.