Friday, November 26, 2010

i feel like i did decent yesterday.  i didn't take a walk, but i helped do some light cleaning for about an hour.  i had a little stuffing, and a little turkey at dinner, but mostly i ate too many potatoes.  BOO on me.  I ended up with a deficit if you don't count the 3 pieces of chocolate i ate before bed.  I think I should count that in today's total, don't you?  God can you believe each lindor truffle has 80 calories!?  God if I had known that, I might not have eaten any!!  So... today (11am) 455 calories.... about 250 from yesterday that I'm rolling over... GAHHHH.

I am considering participating in Eat Stop Eat.  This is a program created by Brad Pilon, who is a nutritionist and researcher.  Now, I haven't bought the e-book, but from the reviews I have read, it seems like the point of the program is to engage in "Intermittent Fasting" one to two days per week.  The other days, you can eat like you want.  Obviously the lower calorie/healthier food you eat, the better results you see.  But it sounds like the science is that 24 hours of fasting won't ruin your metabolism...  Any type of intermittent fasting can work this way-- I remember trying Fast 5 for a while in college-- you eat 5 hours out of each day, don't eat the remaining 19.  I found this way too difficult.  I couldn't eat breakfast or lunch all day, every day.. and then I basically stuffed my face from 5-10pm every day. 
Here is an article about intermittent fasting in general... what are your thoughts?  In the Eat Stop Eat program, your 24 hour fast starts at dinner time and ends at dinner time, so you are still technically eating every day.  What do you think about the possibility of stuffing your face when you finally are allowed to eat?  Would that be an issue?


  1. i think if you stuff your face after the fast any benefit will be lost. the hungrier you are the more likely to binge. i do like the idea of incorporating fasting days and then eating whatever on other days. my worry is what that whatever will be. Hey, I say it's worth a try.

  2. I've heard of Eat Stop Eat. I read some online articles (didn't book mark the links) that said the ONLY way to lose fat is through fasting or HIIT training.

    I like the idea of the 24 hour fast but personally I'd rather not do it from dinner to dinner, I'd rather have a day of not eating. For some reason that's easier mentally and there is less of a chance of binging.


    P.s. Thanks for being my voice of reason, I will try to keep things under control.

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