Thursday, November 25, 2010

being at my parent's house sucks.  there is food everywhere.  seriously... bagels, muffins, ice cream, chips, biscuits.  where is the fruit and vegetables?  I've been taking walks (4miles), but it is no match for my intake of bad food.  i will not weigh myself here for fear of a heart attack.  today is thanksgiving (happy thanksgiving-- i am thankful for my faithful readers!), so of course we will have a lot of food... maybe i can avoid most of it.  the only thing I REALLY want is stuffing anyway.  And you know, I had stuffing last week... a lot of it.  And it's called stuffing for a reason-- because it stuffs you and makes you fat.  So... since I had it last week, I know what it tastes like, I can remember exactly.... I don't think it's wise to have any today.  Maybe a bite to placate my father.  We'll see.

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