Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SO.... I did something stupid.  Well... I mean, yeah... stupid.
I joined LA fitness when I moved.  Its close to my house, I don't have a gym in my house like I had in my apartment-- it just made sense.  Its only 30/month.  The one near me has sort of old machines, but I can go to any LA fitness in the state for free.  I tried one out by the place I shop, it was nicer, and they have a good class schedule.
When you sign up, you get a complimentary personal training session, where they try and convince you to give them all your money.  Well... I had mine yesterday.  And I didn't need much convincing.  For someone with an Accounting Degree you would think I would be good with my money, but no.
I signed up for 24 sessions at $35/session-- $140/month.  Not TOO bad, but the sessions are only a half hour long, and I had to pay a $55 activation fee or something.
So... I don't blog about this because its not interesting, but I have been having extreme financial difficulties.  The place I moved from was REALLY expensive.  $1215/month in rent-- I just couldn't afford it.  Being with George sort of sucked the rest of my money away.  Its those little things that add up.  Buying alcohol and then having it all disappear.  Giving him $$ to buy groceries and not getting all of the change back.  Sick animals, crashing the car, etc etc etc.  I had a budget but it was really hard to stick to!
Now I pay $785.  The place is smaller, but I don't have a high electric bill or water bill, I don't have to pay for cable, and I can sort of make up my saving in utilities on my gym membership.  However, I have had to pay double rent for 1.5 months because of the move.  I had a full month's security deposit, and I didn't move out of the other place until the 15th of this month.  On top of that, I have been traveling for work.  Some companies give you a company credit card to put all your expenses on, but not mine.  We have to put all our travel expenses on our own card, and we get reimbursement checks twice a month.  Well... I have been out of town for two weeks, spending nearly $2,000, and draining my checking account/running up my CC.
SO... when I signed up for the personal training, I didn't realize that I would be paying $195 up front.  55 for the activation and 35 for the month.  Too bad I only had $122 in my checking and savings COMBINED.
So basically here is the deal.  I am screwed.  I don't get paid until Friday.  And when I do get paid, most of my reimbursement is going to my credit card.  My paycheck will be 1500.  I make 3000/month, and here are my expenses
(785) rent
(30) gym
(150) utilities
(350) car loan
(350) student loan
(90) car insurance
(140) personal training
I am left with 1105 for grocery shopping, paying down my credit card, registration, alcohol, etc.
I guess when I look at it this way it doesn't seem so bad-- however it still sucks A LOT.  Overdraft fees are going to kill me.  Eating at restaurants-- BAD.  I spend almost 500/month on food.  I spend 700 this year shopping??  I guess thats just like little things that add up. I needed new linens, a new bathroom set, etc. etc.  God I need to get this under control!!!
I get a bonus in August.  It is pretty small but I don't care, it will help a little bit.

I need to stop talking about this.  its so depressing and no one cares.

On the plus side, at least I now have a personal trainer.


  1. Wow I never knew independence was so expensive. Thank God I live with my parents, and while they sometimes yell at me to move to the university hostel when they're mad at me, I know they don't expect me to move out until I'm.. um, married.

    I stopped asking for pocket money after A Levels though. I tutor, so my tuition fees go towards paying for my transport, food (when I eat out), textbooks and other expenditures.

    I have a friend who records every single cent (yes, cent) he spends in a notebook. I should probably do the same to manage my money better. I get really insecure when my bank account falls below a certain number, so most times I just try to stay above that number.

    I'm rambling...

    Good luck with your personal trainer! (:

  2. Oh honey, your doing the best you can and that's all that matters. You were in a suck-ass situation, but you have moved on and are doing what you need to do to correct it. It just takes time to dig yourself out of a financial hole. (Unless you win the lottery or sell a kindey, but I suggest that you don't blow $$ on lottery tickets and if you drink alcohol a lot it it wise to hang on to both kindeys.)

    As for the trainer/gym. I say it is almost always justifiable to spend on things that improve your physical and/or mental health. Isn't it better to be poor but slim, toned, confident, and de-stressed? (Of course to be thin and rich would be evern better!) Just make sure you use the gym/trainer enough to get your money's worth out of it.


  3. Look at it this way....husband and I make around 3800 per month TOGETHER. I'd say you're doing pretty good!

  4. awe love! i feel your pain... but with school work.
    i have so much to do... and literally NOT ENOUGH TIME..

    :S :S :S
    glad your back

  5. i feeel your pain. i was so poor last summer (lost job/working 1 day a week) paying everything was a struggle.

    it was really smart of you to move into a cheaper place, it will make a huge difference.

    my ex also drained a lot of my $$$$ i regret letting ti go on for so long, but you can't change the past jsut move forward.

    i can't wait to hear about yoru personal trainer workouts, please post about them, PLEASE!!!!