Sunday, May 23, 2010

i am out of control.
purged every day but 2 for the last 2 weeks.  So that's 13 times in 15 days.  SERIOUSLY?!  My teeth are going to fall out.  AND I am not skinnier! I haven't blogged for what... a monthish?  or two weeks?  I am the same.  146.8.  Yesterday 145.2
What is wrong with me?!
I joined the LA Fitness near my house.  They have exercise classes I should take.  I have gone a few times-- I have been traveling for work so haven't been home for the last two weeks, and in the between week my Hot Las Vegas boy came to visit.  I went to the little hotel gym a handful of times... really didn't do anything substantial.  I have lost all my cardio ability, so when I have gone to the gym I feel weak after 15-20 minutes.  I feel exhausted like I can't keep going.  Usually I will do 20 minutes on one machine and then do 20 minutes on another to switch it up and make sure I am getting more than 30 minutes in.  Yesterday I couldn't... 10 on the stairstepper, 10 on the elliptical, 10 on the treadmill.

ugh sorry i got distracted and forgot to finish this post.
End of story is that I suck.


  1. Darlingest, you do not suck. Also, I missed you imensly. Please don't stop blogging for so long again.

  2. Hey, I notice you visited the hotel gym. Would you mind writing a review at