Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Didn't i post a few days ago about goals?  Like eating healthy.... having a plan and sticking to it?  Stuff like that right?  Well...then I am just awesome.  I had a tiny workout yesterday.  Basically it was my "baseline" evaluation.  Measurements, and tests like "how many pushups can you do?"  I had eaten decently-- 2 pieces of fruit, a small serving of lasagna, and cherries throughout the day.  When I got home, I knew my friend was coming over and we would make dinner together.  But I was feeling peckish and so I cooked up the last of the breaded okra I had in the freezer.  Ugh so gross and oily.  Why!?  As soon as I was finished with it, she called.  She said "I don't really want to cook, its getting late.. etc etc"  I said "Yeah, I just had some veggies, I might go pick up Chic-fil-A or something"...and then I got it into my head that I HAD to go to Chic-fil-A.  How many of y'all have been there?  Its a southern thing really... absolutely delicious.  So I purged my okra... but I mean, it was drenched in oil, so how much of that did I REALLY get up?  I estimate that I had a good 200 calories of oil still left in me...  I went and got a chicken sandwich (430), and a large fry (430).  I ate the fries, but couldn't even look at the sandwich (thank god).  I calculated my calories to be about 1700 yesterday.  Oops.
The sandwich is in my fridge.  I was thinking I would have just the chicken part (250), for breakfast.  I am going to lunch with my work mentor to talk about how I did during performance evals.  I picked a southern restaurant with absolutely NOTHING healthy, but I might switch since he is a vegetarian and they only have one vegetable plate.  I could switch to sushi maybe?
Weight this morning 146.6
Going to yoga today with a co-worker,  personal training tomorrow at 6pm


  1. K! I've missed you! I am well aware of the evils of Chic-Fil-A. Yucky. But so yummy! I feel your pain. I'm struggling too. But I love you <3 I know we can get this going again!

  2. hey you know what works for me, if there is somethign tempting in the fridge and i know i SHOULDNT eat it, but i really want to i etiher give it to my mom or bf, or i FORCE (sometimes this is really harrd!) to throw it in the garbage.

    you can do it, throw the sandwich in the garbage!!!!!

    < 3 Harlow