Thursday, October 3, 2013

18 Days to Fit

One of my very best friends moved to Australia for work, and she has just returned.  When we were both in the US, she was my confidant when it came to weight loss and ED issues.  We worked together, and we would make diet plans together, and go to gym classes together, and really just keep each other accountable.  Australia has been good to her.  She is SO tiny, and when we saw each other this week she told me that she hasn't had time to be obsessive with counting calories or food intake.  Instead, she's eating a vegetarian diet, and doing bootcamp, and running a lot.  She said she eats a lot of food, but it's almost all clean, and she treats her body like it's meant to be treated.

Is it bad that I'm jealous?  Because I am totally jealous.  It's not that I want her to be fat, but we used to be the same size, and have the same struggles, and it just seems like she's done with all that, and I'm stuck in the same place.  I certainly don't obsess about starving myself like I used to, or go on crazy fasts and juice cleanses, so at least I'm headed in the right direction.  But I feel like compared to her I am so far behind.  I understand what I need to do... I just don't do it.

Like today we had a fire drill at work, and as a treat afterwards they were handing out frosted sugar cookies.  I had 2!  I'm on a strict diet!  Who does that?!  Then I saw a huge bag of candy and got two pieces.  My Australian friend and I went running today after work so hopefully that negated some of the damage.  I'm going to start running with her on a regular basis since she is in better shape than me.  I love running with my other friend, but I don't think I am progressing because she is still behind me in fitness.  I don't like running with my boyfriend because he is just too pushy and doesn't understand why I give up!

I haven't eaten dinner yet and it's already 8.  Kale salad or chicken? Or maybe I just need to pass on dinner since I had all that junk.  I ate at least 1460 calories today, so I'm definitely not sticking with the plan.

Boyfriend comes home tomorrow, I can't wait!  I'm working from home so I plan to work out before I pick him up from the airport, because afterwards we're grabbing pizza and wine and having a chill night.  I do have spin class plans on Saturday, so I expect to burn some great calories!

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